With SonoBat, view, analyze, and compare your bat calls in high resolution in their full information content of time, frequency, and amplitude.

It's not about the harmonics! Full-spectrum data analysis with SonoBat provides robust, high-resolution rendering of call data.

See the difference

Download and view this slide presentation to see and learn about these differences and advantages of using full spectrum data. SonoBat works with recordings from all full-spectrum detectors.

SonoBat software provides a comprehensive tool for analyzing and comparing high-resolution full-spectrum Sonograms of Bat echolocation calls recorded from full-spectrum and time-expansion bat detectors. With its intuitive and direct interface, SonoBat makes it easy to record, process, display, and analyze calls with great sophistication.

For an overview of SonoBat features, view this presentation.

Learn more about SonoBat.

new updates:
SonoBat v2.9.7
SonoBat v3.2
with automated parameterization and other automated features
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SonoBat 4now available
       SonoBat 4
more about SonoBat 4

Automated species classification
with SonoBat

SonoBat brings automated processing of recorded files and automated species classification– indispensable tools for long-term and large-scale survey and monitoring projects. For data integrity and optimal classification performance, SonoBat performs a number of intelligent signal quality assessments and data extraction routines to provide the most faithful and confident call data.

Download and view this presentation to learn the details about what SonoBat 3 does and how it does it.

View a movie clip of SonoBat 3 in action.

SonoBat classification and how it performs.

These links will provide an installable demo version of SonoBat 3 for the Northeastern US with 16 recorded files to try out SonoBat functions and performance:
SonoBat 3 demo for Windows
fully Win10 compatible
SonoBat 3 demo for Macintosh

More about SonoBat 4, versions, and ordering

Wildlife Acoustics SM2BAT detector guidance

SonoBat Batch Attributer utility to enhance SM2 files to optimize their analysis using SonoBat.
SM3 compatible.

PPT overview of SonoBat

PPT overview of automated SonoBat 3

PPT of how full-spectrum differs from zero-crossing analysis

Mt Lemmon, AZ driving transect

Use Myotisoft Transect from Myotisoft together with virtually any full-spectrum detector that can record with the time of passes along with any gps device (even an iPhone!) to convert SonoBat batch processing outputs into tabulated transect data and Google Earth visualizations of mobile transects.

Courtesy ICF International
Current detector technology enables long-term, uninterrupted recording of full spectrum sound data to enable confident species classification.
recording advice

Easy date and time stamped triggered file recording with legacy detectors using Samson Zoom units.


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